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We're manually screening the leads for you so you can spend the time selling
Our mission is to make lead search personalized and qualified. That's why our initial list includes only 100 leads, but we make a promise that 80% of those will be relevant for your sale request.
We manually verify the data sourced from various databases to provide you only with warm prospects who are aware of your company or looking for the product you sell
Enjoy a targeted lead list
We use verification services to make sure emails and phone numbers are active, and use various data providers to validate that the person still works at the target company and holds a decision-making role.
Save the time
If you find any data overlaps with the lead lists you used before, we’ll replace the duplicates with new prospects.
Expand your database with unique prospects
Tell us about your target company size, desired level of revenue, location, amount of budget available and any other details you see relevant to close more sales.
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We’re building a portfolio of successful case studies, testing different lead generation practices, and qualifying our efficiency.
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We won't take any money from you. The only payment we'll ask is your feedback on how we did.
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We will organize another 15-minute call to share some background on how we collected the data. We will also send you the leads in the file format of your request.
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Book a 15-minute call to tell us about your business and clients. Based on your request, we will estimate the time we need to prepare the list.
Tell us about your ideal customer
Dedicate your resources to closing more sales. Leave lead generation to us
Unlike other lead generation services, we supply B2B leads only for IT companies. We know where to search for prospects, which decision-maker to target based on the company's size, and how to estimate the company's readiness to buy your product.
Enjoy our knowledge of the IT industry
Instead of sales managers spending time going to websites and looking for people's information, have them spend the time talking to leads and selling.
Focus on doing business, while we verify your leads
We’ll choose the appropriate database to source leads, decide whether to use SimilarWeb or SemRush for traffic analysis, and send you a personalized list of leads, who match your ideal customer profile.
Tell us your business requests and we’ll find the prospects
Marie: Person doesn’t work in this company anymore
Kate: The prospect holds a decision-making role in the target company and was able to discuss terms of the sale with us
How lead generation was before LeadSnake
How LeadSnake fills gaps in lead generation practices
Sam: We managed to contact the person via phone and found him on Facebook and LinkedIn
Jane: This company has recently closed an investment round and is expanding its budget on corporate software. We were able to offer them our IT solution
Ben: Received contact info with a wrong phone number of the prospect
Joe: This company doesn’t fit our target profile
Expert opinion by the CEO of LeadSnake
Solutions to key problems of lead generation