Swipe to select the companies and decision-makers you want to target, and receive a personalized list with the leads of your own choice.*
Speed up the process of B2B lead generation
IT product
*Only for businesses selling in the U.S.
for your
Discover a new approach to automated B2B lead generation
Build your own lead database in 5 minutes. Swipe right to select the lead, or swipe left if you want to skip.
Tinder for your business
Choose leads based on the information you receive about them in real time. Enjoy a list with 100 prospects that you selected yourself.
Lead generation under your control
The more you swipe, the better our AI understands your search request and the more relevant leads it’ll offer.
Quality leads brought by AI
Faster lead generation helps you to reach your potential clients before the competitor, test new lead segments and spend the time selling.
Ahead of competitors
LeadSnake by the numbers
Is our special price for beta testers
for 100 leads
Is our special offer for beta testers
50% of the time saved
Our research has shown that one sales manager spends up to 50% of their time looking for leads. With LeadSnake, you can use this time for selling rather than looking for leads.
by your sales team
2 times as many leads
The average market price per lead is $1, LeadSnake’s price per lead is $0.5
you receive with LeadSnake than with another service
Build your personalized leadlist in 3 steps
Once done swiping, get your personalized lead database with 100 prospects that you've selected yourself.
Receive your leadlist in 24 hours
Start from selecting the industries to target. Based on your preferences, move on to select companies and decision-makers.
Swipe right-left to select leads
Answer 3 questions about your target audience and receive a link to your personalized database of leads who match your search request.
Tell us about your ideal client
One tool to cover all your lead generation needs
Verification services help us validate contact details of leads, and ensure that they hold decision-making roles at target companies.
Sell faster with up-to-date data
Stay free from email finders, contact data extraction and lead info verification tools. LeadSnake does it all.
Save the budget
Discover alternative jod descriptions you could target for increased sales conversion.
Target new B2B decision-making roles
We know where to search for leads, which decision-maker to target based on the company's size, and how to estimate the company's readiness to buy your product.
Benefit from our expertise in the IT
Marie: Person doesn’t work in this company anymore.
Kate: No more money wasted on irrelevant leads delivered by freelancers or other leadgen platforms.
How lead generation was before LeadSnake
How LeadSnake fills gaps in lead generation practices
Sam: We managed to contact the person via phone and found him on Facebook and LinkedIn.
Jane: I am free from the need to scrape large databases in the search for ideal leads. With LeadSnake I generate leads 10 times as faster as before.
Sign up for a personalized demo and find new leads during our initial meeting.
Ben: I received a database of leads, who are not decision-makers. I wasn’t able to sell them our product.
Joe: This company doesn’t fit our target profile.